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WE PROVIDE: The tools and education to carry out your program. 

WE GUIDE: You along the path, start to finish. 

WE CREATE: The complete mental wellness program for your company. 



The Big Picture

      What happens when an expert in the construction industry partners with a Nationally Certified Counselor, both of whom graduated law school?


A NEW PERSPECTIVE is formed in which we kept asking, what if we took wellness one step further?


      What if instead of addressing suicide, we addressed anxiety and depression, before suicide is considered?


      What if we created a culture, and provided the tools and education to help all employees becomes more resilient and satisfied with life so that they do not have to be anxious or depressed?


      Now we are really getting somewhere….Yes, this sounds great…but what would this look like? How much would complete mental wellness cost? We discovered that yes this is a new perspective for this industry, in our country, but not in the world. We found science documenting the individual and company benefits of complete wellness programs at work. For every dollar spent on wellness programs, companies reaped $2.3-$4.1 in return. There is no good reason not to do this. When companies invest in mental wellness, we all win.


      Domain Wellness Partners offers a one of a kind combination of expertise and experience necessary to create a comprehensive mental wellness program for your company that works.


      We have created a blueprint your company can follow so that your employees and your company thrive.


      The tools to take your valued employees from wherever they may be on the spectrum of ill-mental health-from unsatisfied to severely anxious and depressed-  to resilient, fulfilled, and mentally healthy.

Building Mental Wellness

Building Mental Wellness COVER_3D.png

      Your Blueprint to Thrive is the foundation upon which your journey to optimal mental and physical wellbeing is built. This interactive workbook is for anyone looking to gain the tools necessary for a more fulfilling and satisfying life.


      This book is a self-guide through an acceptance-commitment-therapy-based, nine-step sequence. The program helps you :


- Understand & Explore the eight major areas (domains) of life

- Gain clarity about what you value

- Identify and remove obstacles to happiness

- Gain Confidence, prioritizing, and taking action toward what is important


      Through this sequence, you will improve self-worth, prioritize values, and develop a plan to increase satisfaction and fulfillment in life. When you are satisfied and fulfilled, you are moving away from ill-mental health and toward resiliency so that you can bend, not break when life gets tough.

Blueprint to Thrive - Cover - 3D.png

Values Journal

      This book is not just a typical calendar. This organizer and values journal is designed as a companion to your Building Mental Wellness: A Blueprint to Thrive Workbook. The key to living a more satisfying and fulfilling life is living your values daily. To live your values daily, you must be mindful and intentional with your use of time. This goes well beyond just writing down the items on your “to-do” list. The Workbook spells out how to set short- and long-term goals and gives you the process to achieve them.

This organizer and values journal includes:

• The building blocks for physical and mental well-being.

• Reminders of what you must do to be at optimal physical and mental health.

• Step by step instructions on how to create weekly and morning mindfulness routines and how these routines will help you live your values and reach your goals

• A step by step guide on setting short- and long-term goals to achieve what a life you imagined only in your dreams, with a focus on each domain.

• How to prioritize your time and actions to reach your goals.

• Questions and prompts to discover what works best for you



Benefits of using your Blueprint to Thrive Organizer & Journal:

• Optimizing your physical and mental health.

• Keeping values in front of mind, so you can stay on the path of being the person you want to be.

• Providing a system for prioritizing your time according to what is essential to you.

• Lowering stress and overwhelm because you’ll know exactly what you need to do every day and
how long it will take. No more, “I don’t have time.”


• Being more productive by clarifying what you need to spend your time doing to reach your goals.

• Setting goals for greater achievement.

• Creating an action plan to meet goals.


      Domain Wellness Partners provides your company with an individualized wellness program. Then we support you in making the plan a reality. Your HR guide: Designing for Wellness shows you step by step how to provide the culture and the resources necessary to support individual employees all the way to strong mental wellness.

HR Guide:

Designing for Wellness

A Guide for Justifying, Planning, Creating & Implementing an Organization's Mental Wellness Management System

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